Three Counties Feeds’ combined yeast and mycotoxin binder, TCF Combi 50 has received approval from Organic Farmers & Growers, making it the only product of its type available to organic farmers.

The news means TCF organic customers can take advantage of the product’s ability to neutralize a wide range of commonly occurring mycotoxins. TCF Combi 50’s unique combination of clays and yeasts also act to optimize rumen and gut health, reducing sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA) and driving milk production.

In fact, results from five EU trials have demonstrated an average 2-2.5 litres a cow a day milk response from just feeding the yeast included in TCF Combi 50. At a milk price of 25p/litre, cows only need to produce 0.5 litres extra to cover the cost of feeding the combined product.

TCF’s Andy Hawken believes the product’s organic approval is a game changer for organic farmers.

Speaking at The Royal Cornwall Show, he said: “It’s very exciting, not only for TCF but also for our organic customers. It’s a unique product that’s proven to aid gut heath health and performance. For the first time, organic farmers can use a combined yeast and mycotoxin product, which simplifies things on farm.”