At TCF our ruminant rationing programme utilises the industry leading ‘Nutriopt’ diet evaluation system. We will formulate a ration to achieve the desired results, using the forages available and incorporating straights or blends, this is usually done on farm. Rations will be monitored to check performance is as expected.

Forage Planning

We will talk through what forages are best suited to the individual farm, feeding system and the required output.

Calculating Forage Stocks

We will work out how many tonnes of silage has been made and use this information to work out the proportions that can be fed in the diet. This is especially useful, where there are concerns over total forage tonnes. 

Forage Sampling

This is best done when the silage clamp is open and the sample can be taken from the silage the stock is eating on that day. It can however, be done before the clamp is open using a silage spear to give us an idea as to the quality of the forage to aid ration planning.

Fresh Grass Sampling

Taking fresh grass samples can help establish the feed value of the fresh grass and also allow us to estimate the likely production from grass.

On Farm Dairy Costings

Monthly dairy costing can be an extremely useful service to help monitor the herd’s performance, both financially and physically. Doing the figures on farm gives an opportunity to discuss the results. By doing on farm costings we have the ability to benchmark against farms operating on a similar production system.

HPR - The Herd Performance Reviews give a regular overview of a herd’s performance and allows more detailed assessments to investigate issues in further depth. All the analyses in the review are based on milk recording data from NMR or CIS. Recordings are generally made monthly which gives access to a steady stream of very current information. However as they are milk records we have to be very clear about interpreting the data to ensure they are not over-interpreted and to ensure we understand the impact of any problems the data may contain.

TCF Elite

This is a programme specifically designed to identify farm bottlenecks and increase herd profitability in dairy herds.

Quota Predictions

Most dairy companies expect a quota prediction to be done at least once a year. We can run an accurate prediction and link this to the dairy costings which can be updated on a regular basis.