Trading Partners

Trading Partners


Three Counties Feeds sell CCT (Calf’s Choice Total® 100), spray-dried colostrum that is manufactured by SCCL.

Only natural colostrum replacers provide newborns with the colostral proteins, colostral fat, and other critical ingredients required within hours after birth.

Why Calf’s Choice Total® (CCT)?

  • Natural Bovine Colostrum - not a manufactured formula based on whey or eggs.
  • Sourced in Scotland – EBL free, TB free.
  • High in Colostral Fat - important energy source required by calves immediately after birth.
  • Safe and Effective - free of disease causing organisms, tested for safety and efficacy.
  • Convenient - Easily mixes in under 15 seconds and has a 3 year shelf life.


Micron Bio-Systems

Three Counties Feeds Ltd. provide Advance® silage additives from Micron Bio-Systems.  John Williams and David Parfitt of Micron Bio-Systems recently provided training for the TCF team on the products, which include grass, maize and wholecrop additive. We have constant communication with the company to ensure our nutritionists have the most up-to-date information and good technical back up.



Three Counties Feed Ltd. supply Vistacell, Acidbuf, ReaShure, Pre-T and Ultrasorb R. We also supply a company specific products; TCF Combi 50, which is our very own mycotoxin binder and yeast mix containing Ultrasorb R and Vistacell.  TCF also supplies Vistacell AB; a combination of yeast and Acidbu popular for use at turnout onto spring grass.  We are working very closely with AB Vista’s technical and sales department to ensure that the TCF team are highly trained in all the products we sell.



Three Counties Feed supply several Volac products. Volac is a world leader in dairy nutrition, developing great products that advance the health and performance of consumers and farm animals.

Volac and TCF are committed to helping dairy farmers improve the long-term health and welfare of their animals in responsible ways.

Volac products available from Three Counties Feeds

LACTO Production

LACTO Production manufacture Three Counties Feeds high specification Pro Gro milk powder.

Established in 2001, LACTO Production is a renowned manufacturer of GMO-free milk replacers and dairy concentrates for animal feed made from carefully selected raw materials.

Three Counties Feeds Lacto Production