We take our role on your farm very seriously. We believe that the feeds you buy, to feed your livestock, should complement the feeds you have available on farm and help achieve your objectives. To this end we have a range of dairy feeds to suit most situations. Our range of fixed formulated dairy compounds have been created to deliver the best results. 

Dairy Cakes - A fixed formulated range of dairy cakes or we can do special orders on request.

Blends - Cost effective, coarse blends formulated to match your cows requirements. To formulate your own blend see our Blends Calculator.

Minerals - Choose from our standard range or have them tailor-made for your farm. 

Molasses -  Whether it is to add sugar or protein to the ration, molasses can help.

Protected Fats - To improve the energy density of the ration.

Rumen Buffers and Yeasts - To help maintain the rumen at its optimum efficiency.

Specialist Dairy Products

TCF Combi 50

TCF Combi is a unique combination product that neutralises the widest range of mycotoxins. It removes the specific and highly damaging toxins that are common in UK conditions, particularly DON and ZON. The live yeast within TCF Combi scavenges oxygen and reduces the level of lactic acid produced, both of which improves rumen conditions.

TCF Combi 50


ReaShure Precision Release Choline is an encapsulated choline product that protects the choline from rumen degradation and delivers it to the small intestine where it is absorbed. Choline supports fat metabolism helping package and transport fat out of the liver. This helps prevent metabolic disorders including fatty liver & ketosis, as well as providing a fuel source for increased milk and milk fat synthesis throughout the whole lactation.

Download the ReaShure XC Brochure

Three Counties Feeds ReaSure XC


A refreshing rehydrating (electrolyte) drink for cows directly after calving. It stimulates water intake, supplies easily absorbed energy and contains readily available calcium to support the start of lactation. Refresh is quick to mix, easy to prepare and effective in supporting milk production and cow health. The main benefits of using Refresh for cows after calving is that it helps support liver function and fibre digestion in the rumen, rehydrate and restore electrolyte balance and provide energy and available calcium.


VistaPre-T is a unique liquid pretreatment applied directly into a TMR ration. The unique mode of action enables improved fibre utilisation resulting in a greater energy release in roughages and fibrous products. Once applied VistaPre-T starts to work immediately breaking down forage and surface fibre. Trials VistaPre-T have shown to increase predicted ME, increase milk yield and reduce lag time to digestion.

vista pre-t


Mega-Max is the new supplement in the Megalac range of rumen-protected fats, developed based on the latest scientific research on feeding fats to dairy cows. Mega-Max is uniquely-formulated with a specific balance of C16:0 and C18:1 fatty acids to achieve performance benefits through the whole lactation.

Mega-Max is a multi-purpose fat supplement for dairy cows and other ruminants targeted to improve milk yield, milk fat, fertility and body condition score throughout lactation.

Mega Max

OmniGen-AF ®

OmniGen-AF is a unique, nutritional specialty product from Phibro Animal Health Corporation. It is a patented blend of biologically active nutrients, that positively affects the immune system. OmniGen-AF is a well-established proven product that has been in use in the USA since 2002.

There are now around 10,000 cows being fed on OmniGen-AF (Jan 2018) with the number growing daily. Farmers are seeing really pleasing results on farm and many are now saying they wouldn’t be without it.

We believe that reducing the number of health events on dairy farms is a key part of helping our farmers reduce costs and extend lifetime herd performance.

Effect of stress on immunity:
Stress can impair healthy immune function increasing the risk of health and disease events in dairy cattle and may compromise reproduction efficiency and limit milk production.

Research, field studies and on farm demonstrations show clear advantages to having a healthy immune system.

  • Fewer health events needing antibiotic therapies
  • Lower somatic cell counts
  • Healthy, productive cows, with a longer herd life
  • Less time required for herd health work

Feeding OmniGen-AF every day, helps support immune function in the face of expected and unexpected stress events. Proven to “restore” the immune system from the negative effects of stress.