Transition Cows

It is crucial to get this part of the cow’s management cycle right or it can have a huge effect on the next lactation. At almost any yield level, getting this wrong can impact heavily on milk yield, fertility and profitability. There are almost as many ways to manage this period as there are farms. If your current system is not working as well as you would like, why not discuss it with us to see if we could help you improve your transition management.

  • Look at the current system and if necessary help implement changes.
  • Look at the length of dry period. 6 weeks dry or would 8 weeks be better?
  • Look at cow comfort, feed space and water access.
  • Suggest what might work for your herd.
  • Look at your milking cows to check body condition score in the mid to late lactation cows.
  • Depending on what we see make suggestions to alter cow condition if necessary.
  • Help get the cows in the right condition at drying off.
  • Put together a diet for the dry cows, be that one group or two. Full or partial D Cab.
  • Monitor to make sure diet is working.
  • Try to avoid any complications at and around calving.
  • All the above going towards getting the freshly calved cow back into milk trouble free, with a healthy appetite ready to produce milk.