Rationing We will formulate a ration to achieve the desired results, using the forages available and incorporating straights or blends, this is usually done on farm. Rations will be monitored to check performance is as expected.

Forage Planning We will talk through what forages are best suited to the farm, feeding system and the required output.

Calculating Forage Stocks We will work out how many tonnes of silage has been made and use this information to work out the proportions that can be fed in the diet. This is especially useful, where there are concerns over total forage tonnes. 

Forage Sampling This is best done when the silage clamp is open and the sample can be taken from the silage the stock is eating on that day. It can however, be done before the clamp is open using a silage spear to give us an idea as to the quality of the forage to aid ration planning.

Fresh Grass Sampling Taking fresh grass samples can help establish the feed value of the fresh grass and also allow us to estimate the likely production from grass.

On Farm Dairy Costings Monthly dairy costing can be an extremely useful service to help monitor the herd’s performance, both financially and physically. Doing the figures on farm gives an opportunity to discuss the results.  

Quota Predictions Most dairy companies expect a quota prediction to be done at least once a year. We can run an accurate prediction and link this to the dairy costings which can be updated on a regular basis.

Our Industry Training partners:

Micron Bio-Systems 
Three Counties Feeds Ltd. supply Advance® silage additives from Micron Bio-Systems.   John Williams and David Parfitt of Micron Bio-systems recently provided training for the TCF team on the products, which include Grass, Maize and Wholecrop additive.  We have constant communication with the company to ensure our nutritionists have the most up to date information and good technical back up.

Micron Bio-Systems

Three  Counties Feed Ltd. supply Vistacell ®, Acidbuf®, ReaShure®, Pre-T® and Ultrasorb R®.  We also supply a company specific products; TCF Combi 50, which is our very own mycotoxin binder and yeast mix containing Ultrasorb R® and Vistacell®.  TCF also supplies Vistacell AB®; a combination of yeast and Acidbuf® popular for use at turnout onto spring grass.   This year we are working very closely with AB Vista’s technical and sales department to ensure that the TCF team are highly trained in all the products we sell.

Three Counties Feeds Ltd. recognise that a very important part of dairy farming begins with heifer rearing. We offer specific advice on calf and heifer rearing with a range of products, including milk powder from Provimi® and Nustart in our calf starter pellets. We have our own in house calf advisor as well as receiving help from the technical team at Provimi®.

Three Counties Feeds Ltd. nutritionists know that farming happy healthy cows results in more efficient milk production, not to mention happier farmers. We have adopted the CowSIGNALS® method within the company as our method to make sure that all of our nutritionists are trained to prioritise cow health and welfare alongside their nutritional knowledge. We don’t just look at the cows we feed, we actually see them. Healthy cows have better feed efficiency and longer lives. Andy Hawken and Ed Redman are both certified Master-Trainers, having qualified in 2016. They ensure the team is kept up to date on any new development from the CowSIGNALS® training company as well as running specific “on farm” advice sessions for our clients.