We understand the importance of fixed formulation and this is never more important than with ewe cake, especially when approaching lambing. Any changes made may stop the ewes eating the cake which could cause a real problem. Using fixed formulations may help alleviate this problem.

We also realise the importance of starch based concentrates for both the ewe and lamb. Whether your system is extensive or intensive, the feed you buy onto your farm needs to perform.

Ewe Cakes - A range to suit your needs, with high energy levels, 18% and 20% proteins and good levels of minerals and vitamins. We recognise the importance of feeding vitamin E to lactating ewes. Extra vitamin E can be added if necessary.

Lamb Creep - A palatable feed formulated to meet the needs of the young growing lamb.

Lamb Milk Powder - Should the need arise to feed orphan lambs.

Lamb finisher - This is to feed to older lambs where extra growth is needed.

Sheep Blend - Formulated to meet you flocks requirements. Minerals can be added.