We take our role on your farm very seriously. We believe that the feeds you buy, to feed your livestock, should complement the feeds you have available on farm and help achieve your objectives. To this end we have a range of dairy feeds to suit most situations. Our range of fixed formulated dairy compounds to help us deliver the best results. Our formulations are fixed.

Dairy Cakes - A fixed formulated range of dairy cakes or if required - specials.

Blends - Cost effective, coarse blends formulated to match your cows requirements.  To formulate your own blend see our Blend Calculator.

Minerals - Choose from our standard range or have them tailor made for your farm. 

Molasses -  Whether it is to add sugar or protein to the ration molasses can help.

Protected Fats - To improve the energy density of the ration.

Rumen Buffers and Yeasts - To help maintain the rumen at its optimum efficiency.