Three Counties Feeds receives exclusive Lely Training

1 Feb 2016

The dairy cow nutrition team at Three Counties Feeds (TCF) has a New Year’s resolution!  We are going to puts aside one day a month for team training.  This is to ensure our knowledge is always current and to allow the team to spend some time together aside from the monthly sales meeting.  Some of our training sessions will update our nutritional knowledge, others encourage the team to think “outside the box” when it comes to dairy cow nutrition.  A large part of our work is about advising farmers on how to improve the health and productivity of their dairy herds.  It goes without saying that as a feed company, nutrition is first and foremost our priority, but often, there is more to improving the production on farm than just tweaking the diet.  Looking at cow environment and signals is equally as important as this can often tell us more than just looking at a computer screen!

This month, the training session focussed on Lely robots and how to interpret the data given to us on the farm computer system.  Many of us have taken part in training before, but to do so as an entire team and to have our own question and answer session allowed us to troubleshoot real farm questions.   We used TCF farms as examples, each of which had a different issue to investigate.  Jon Eldridge, an expert in Lely robots guided us through the nutritional parameters we should be looking for and showed us which reports would give us the information we required.  With so much data available to use, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.  However, by the end of the day it was agreed that we would now be even better equipped to understand where to go to find the information required.

A highlight of the day was an insight into some of the up and coming improvements and changes to the Lely robot service.  Three Counties Feeds would highly recommend farmers with Lely robots to contact the training centre for help, should they need it; the facilities are designed to help farmers who are new to robots, but also those who need a recap.

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