Calf & Heifer Rearing

2 Nov 2015

Cow Signals, calf & heifer rearing


Those who visited our hospitality tent at the South West Dairy Day couldn’t help but notice that our theme for the day was calf and heifer rearing.  The life-size fibre glass calf and banners might have given it away!  Not only that; the conversation across many of the tables between nutritionists and farmers was very much orientated towards how best to rear heifers and the trials and difficulties of achieving this on farm. 

Over the past year, Three Counties Feeds Ltd. (TCF) has been refining and developing the heifer rearing service it delivers to our clients.  The crux of this has been ensuring that our expert nutritionists are well trained not just in adult dairy cow feeding, but that of young stock too.  TCF’s goal is to advise farmers on realistic growth targets and feed programmes in order to rear healthy, fertile, high yielding, long-lived dairy replacement heifers in and efficient and profitable manor.  This is not just about selling milk powder and young stock feed, but about ensuring that the advice gained by the farmer alongside these products is sound and constructive.  There is no amount of magic feed that can replace good management and as such, our nutritionists are keen to ensure this message is integral to the advice offered on farm and offer constructive solutions to heifer and calf rearing practice.

We have received much support in our quest to improve and develop in this matter from partner industries such as Cargill (Provimi) and from in house training by our technical nutritionists.  However, our training reached a high spot last week with a special young stock “Cow Signals” delivered for us by Joep Driessen from Holland and hosted for us by one of our local farmers.  The day proved to be a resounding success, with the team able to really troubleshoot and focus on the young stock, without being side tracked by adult dairy cows.

If you are interested in discussing calf and heifer rearing on your farm, then don’t hesitate to contact your TCF nutritionist, or phone the office on 01884 256256 and they will ask one of our technical team to return your call.