Women In Dairy

16 Sep 2015

Women in Dairy – The Inaugural Conference

Three Counties Feeds were very proud to be one of the main sponsors at the recent conference, Women in Dairy.  Women in Dairy (WID) is a new initiative from Promar International and RABDF and is sponsored by AHDB Dairy (used to be known as DairyCo).  It is designed to bring women working in the dairy industry together through regional meetings for training, networking and to promote the dairy industry.

The aims of WID are:

  • Connect – bringing women together from across the dairy industry
  • Share – exchange knowledge and experiences to develop skills and confidence
  • Inspire – encourage innovative thinking and vision for the future of UK dairy

The conference certainly achieved these three things.  Attended by some 90 female (and a few male!) delegates from farming and industry the conference programme included talks by inspirational women currently involved in dairy.  These speakers included Caroline Drummond MBE, who is the chief executive of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), Tanya Robbins, whose Nuffield project research women in farming all over the world, Di Wastenage, who runs, alongside her husband, one of the finalist dairy farms in dairy farmer of the year award 2015, Miriam Parker, director of Livestockwise who gave us a great insight into cow behaviour and finally Saskia Korink, the Chief Operating Officer of Genus ABS.

The messages from the talks were different, but with a similar running theme; if we can capture the great strengths that women can bring to the dairy industry, then we can help it to move forward, even in these tough times.  Within the working environment, women bring a completely different approach to men, which can work very well in a team, whether that is within a dairy farm business or industry.  In the words of Di Wastenage, “Be it women in business or women in dairy, we are certainly an untapped potential.”

If you want to know more about the Women in Dairy initiative then visit www.rabdf.co.uk/women-in-dairy

Three Counties Feeds Ltd. are very supportive of women in dairy and currently run two of the regional women’s calf rearing groups in Okehampton and Somerset.  These have been highly successful and well attended with all the ladies who have attended enjoying the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and to share experiences.  For now, the focus of these meetings is about calf and heifer rearing, the plan will be to move onto other subjects of interest chosen by the attendees.  If you are interested in attending either of the groups or would like to more then email [email protected] or come and visit us at the South West Dairy event in October.

Three Counties Feeds Support Women In Dairy